Financial Assistance

Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois believes that every girl should have the opportunity to discover their interests, tackle challenges and find their inner self. In an effort to include as many girls as possible in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, GSNI offers over $100,000 a year in financial support. Financial support is offered in two ways.

Financial Assistance for Traditional Troops

Girl Scouts is avtest%2F1510082553471-Ontarioville+Elementary+School+Hanover+Park+%283%29.jpgailable to girls and volunteers, regardless of their financial situation! Financial assistance is a supplementary way for girls or adults, demonstrating need, to participate in Girl Scouts. Financial assistance is granted based on the information provided and availability of funds. Financial assistance funds are meant to supplement funds that girls, troops and groups have saved or generated from money-earning projects and should not be expected to cover 100 percent of any request. Our council considers financial assistance for membership, troop dues/supplies, programs and camp. 

Project Opportunity

Donors supporting the Financial Assistance fund also support GSNI’s Outreach Program. The goal of the Girl Scout Outreach  program in Northern Illinois is to provide access to youth development opportunities to girls who may not be able to participate in Girl Scouts as part of a volunteer-led troop. Barriers to participation often include lack of transportation and financial support as well as a lack of available Girl Scout troops, resulting from a lack of volunteers to lead them. test%2F1510690369103-Gideon+Court+DeKalb+-+cookies+2.jpgGirl Scouts of Northern Illinois offers its outreach program in partnership with area schools and community organizations. Your financial support allows GSNI Outreach program facilitators to take on the roles of mentor and guide for girls. 

Outreach programs at GSNI are free to participants. Because the programs are held at locations where girls are already in attendance for education or other programs, transportation is less of an issue. Outreach programming focuses on Girl Scouts enrichment activities that supplement girls’ educational experience at school, and that also build social and emotional competence. In an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adult facilitators, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives – like strong values, a social conscience, and a conviction about their own potential and self-worth.

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